This is exactly what I had envisioned the ring to be!

Dear Lyle,

I picked up my ring yesterday and wanted to write to tell you how much I love it! Billy said he immediately noticed how different it was from before and even remarked how the new setting and side stones make the sapphire appear brighter and more beautiful. That’s quite a compliment, too, coming from Billy because he isn’t into to jewelry at all!

This is exactly what I had envisioned the ring to be from the beginning but even better because it never occurred to me to use hearts.  I really love the Black Label heart-cut diamonds and think they look great in this setting.

You have a great ability to truly understand what I want (even if I can’t always fully explain it). You took my basic idea and turned it into something incredibly unique and beautiful.

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your creativity and skill as a jeweler. I will proudly wear this ring for years to come. Thank you!


Mary Ann Hooten

p.s. I had a very interesting and informative conversation with Ophir last week. I learned a lot but talking with him made me realize how much I still don’t understand about this field. Thanks for introducing me to both him and Danny. 

So worth the drive!

From the beginning,
this has been the best experience,
So worth the drive.
I absolutely love!
We will be back.
Again, again & again.
Connie Dobson
Troy Alabama